Alter-Native Society: Between Kingdoms, Political Structures and Anarchy

Green Ankh Works

“The king was the personification of Ma’at, a word that we translate as ‘truth’, or ‘justice’, but has an extended meaning of the proper cosmic order at the time of its establishment by the Creator …There is in Akhenaten’s teaching a constant emphasis upon Maat …as is not found before or afterwards.” – Cyril Aldred, Akhenaten: King of Egypt

What can we learn from the past? Is there anything at all that we cannot learn from seeking the wisdom of the ancients, while we forge ahead with boldness towards the future we desire? In our quest to find effective leadership styles, ways to rule with equality and govern with equity, we found ourselves using many inadequate words. Even the very words, rule, govern, and equality are found wanting in the greater scheme of things.

Many of us use words such as democracy, socialism, social justice, nation/nationhood, nationality and the old…

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