Sembene :Through The Griot’s Eyes

Green Ankh Works

SembEarlier this evening of 10 June/Nhlangulana 2017, I managed to gather a dozen friends -and yes, I had invited the whole community to the screening of a film on Ousmane Sembene, which is being shown around the Afrikan continent as well as selected cities globally; but very few people attended. Yet somehow I do not feel disappointed. It is an important film in many other ways besides its monumental subject matter. While we do wish that a larger audience should see it, that is a subject for another day.

The fact that so few people attended is not shocking to me, as I have experienced such before when I have offered such radical content to an audience that is not ready to face the reality of Afrika’s precarious condition. There are of course many other reasons one can highlight, from ‘poor and untimely advertising’ to a general lack of support…

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